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Technology & Innovation

Innovation promotes sustainability. Our confidence in this belief has compelled us to tailor our growth strategy around innovation.

Innovation at the Core of Our Strategy

We, at Organik Kimya, have adopted a holistic innovation approach: From research and development to manufacturing and business process operations, we progressively work to insure innovative ideas are cultivated and implemented.

We Blend Innovation with Everyday Life

We have incorporated innovation to what we do in our everyday lives at Organik Kimya.
Innovation Process
  • We evaluate ideas at monthly held Innovation and Business Process Management (BPM) Board Meetings.
  • We utilize a systematic yet flexible stage gate process from idea to commercialization.
  • Our Innovation Academy creates synergy across functions and business segments making sure our holistic approach to innovation is live.
  • We reward innovative ideas with Organik Kimya Innovation Awards.

Ideation Room

The Ideation Room is a place where we read, research, ideate and share our ideas with each other. We believe that the best ideas are derived from the ones that are built on top of others.
  • Ideation Room at Organik Kimya
  • Ideation Room at Organik Kimya
  • Ideation Room at Organik Kimya

Our Partnerships

We recognize that the best of ideas originate from various sources. For this reason, we create strong partnerships with the industry, research institutions and universities.

R&D Center

Partnering with our customers to understand them and developing sustainable solutions constitute the basis of our Research & Development philosophy.
We invest 3% of our turnover to R&D and our centralized, state of the art Research & Development Center is the only accredited R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry in the specialty chemicals industry in Turkey.
Our scientists synthesize, apply, scale up and analyze every day in industry-dedicated laboratories to help deliver smart solutions for our customers. Our cutting edge testing and measurement equipments provide results in various standards including, but not limited to ISO, ASTM, DIN, PSTC and FINAT.
From polymer emulsions and redispersible powder polymers to hotmelt technology, we synergize the know-how and expertise of our technical teams.
  • R&D Center at Organik Kimya
  • R&D Center at Organik Kimya
  • R&D Center at Organik Kimya
  • R&D Center at Organik Kimya
  • R&D Center at Organik Kimya

Markets & Applications

We have been employing the power of science and technology to provide value added solutions to our partners since 1924. Our customers enjoy valuable solutions for a variety of applications in 6 different business units.