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Our Sustainability Journey

As a part of our Sustainability Commitment, we are committed to examining the environmental impact of our operations and taking the necessary measures to reduce it.

Innovation Promotes Sustainability

The global population is rapidly increasing and earth’s resources are consumed faster than they are renewed.
We, as Organik Kimya, know that our products rely on a progressively constrained set of natural resources, whether these are the crude oil derivates or other raw materials. We understand that we have to take an active role in preserving, renewing and thus, sustaining the resources we consume.
For this reason, sustainability, along with innovation, is an integral part of our strategy to assure the continuity of our business and future generations. Our Sustainability Commitment provides us with the means to create a sustainable business and a sustainable world through innovation and technology. It encompasses not only the entire life cycle of our products, but the whole value chain.

Towards a Sustainable Future

We have measured the impact of our operations with an emphasis on its effect on climate change from a life cycle perspective: The Product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Organizational Life Cycle Assessment (O-LCA) with a focus on climate change effects and global warming potential have been conducted for our Kemerburgaz, Istanbul plant in 2015.
We are actively working with our suppliers and on our internal operations to lessen the effects of our carbon footprint and diminish the effects on global warming. Aside from our LCA and O-LCA assessments, we have been continuously measuring, evaluating and reducing our emissions, energy, water consumption and waste consumption.
We know that our sustainability journey is a long and ceaseless one, but we eagerly take the necessary steps to ensure a sustainable world for future generations.

Our Sustainability Journey

We are happy to share our second sustainabilty report for the year of 2019, during which our focus was on creating shared value; economically, enviromentally and socially.
2019 was a very challenging year due to the volatiity of market conditions, and, while writing this report, 2020 set a new standard to economic adversity with the outbreak of the "Covid-19" global pandemic.” This reminded us that our utmost responsibility is to protect our planet against climate crises and use our limited natural resources responsibly. Today, more than ever, the power of our purpose-driven company has become apparent.
The importance of sustainabilty reporting have become critical now than it has ever been for stakeholders to make informed judgements. We invite you to see the details in our Sustainability Report 2019
Please check our sustainability report.
2023 Road Map to Reduce Use of Plastic

Markets & Applications

We have been employing the power of science and technology to provide value added solutions to our partners since 1924. Our customers enjoy valuable solutions for a variety of applications in 6 different business units.

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