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We support social responsibility activities! Our employees have a special Leave type they can use in order to take part at volunteering projects and touch lives.

"Intro" is designed to prepare high potential university and high school students for professional life and to make a difference in their career journey. Program aims to give a preview of the business life and to create a talent pool for future positions within the organization. The program starts with the applications, continues with the assessment and selection process and the placement of the intros'. The selected students go through and orientation, followingly; they are able to attend a variety of trainings, come together with the departments, ask the questions they have in mind and experience the professional life.Program ends with a hot-topic presentation where they team up and present to a jury formed with Organik Kimya Executives!

Gençliğin Kimyası

Gençliğin Kimyası 
(Chemistry of Youth)

Chemistry of Youth Project was launched in cooperation with Support Foundation for Civil Society (STDV) and Future is Brighter (GDN), in order to enable young people who want to shape their careers in the chemical industry to better know the industry itself and different professions in this industry, and thus to support their career journeys.

What exactly is the Chemistry of Youth?

To help students and new graduates plan their careers, shape their goals, contribute to their professional and personal development and to increase their social awareness, we continue to carry out the following programs and activities:

  • One Day from the Future Internship Program

    which will enable them to spend one-on-one time with professionals from different departments of Organik Kimya and gain information about the working areas of the industry and professions.

  • Goals For Good Program

    where they will set goals that are good for their own well-being as well as the wellbeing of other people and the world, and receive support in achieving these goals.

  • Interactive Webinars

    with informative content about the industry.

  • Profession Videos

    prepared by the professionals working in different departments of Organik Kimya, with answers to learn more about different work areas and units.

  • Mentorship Program

    that will help them determine a roadmap for professional and personal development and career planning

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