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Our Chemistry of Youth Project was recognized as the winner of the "Most Successful E-Volunteering Project" by the Private Sector Volunteers Association, the only non-governmental organization operating in the "Employee Volunteering" field and celebrating its 20th anniversary last year!

Our social responsibility project "Chemistry of Youth," which launched in collaboration with the Future is Brighter (GDN) Youth Platform and the Support Foundation for Civil Society in the 2021-2022 period, with the aim to support the personal and professional development of university students and recent graduates aspiring to a career in the chemical industry was awarded a special prize in its first year of implementation. Our project aims to share knowledge and experience equally with young people targeting a career in chemical industry. We have now begun the second phase of the project!

We aimed to support the personal and professional development of university students and recent graduates who aspire to a career in the chemical industry throughout Turkey with this project. Last year, the project only covered chemistry and chemical engineering students, but this year, it was decided to expand it by 20% to include students from other departments and to connect different student groups with the chemical industry.

This year, the project aims to bring together the Future One Day Internship Program with two different student groups, as well as planning three different webinars. The filming of Career Introduction Videos, which describe various professions, has been completed, and the Mentoring Program continues in the same format. 21 Organik Kimya employees volunteered for the Mentoring Program this year, and the Mentor-Mentee kick-off meeting was held with great enthusiasm. We will continue to take new metrics to improve the project with different tracking methods in the second term of the project, which is planned to be completed by the end of June.

Elif Alan, one of the participants in the Chemistry of Youth Mentoring Program, completed the program with her mentor Yasemin Seyren, and then continue as an Intro Intern at Organik Kimya. Elgis Ertay, on the other hand, completed the mentorship program with Cansu Akarsu Dülgar and had the opportunity to work at Prof. Dr. Davide Moscatelli's research laboratories at Politecnico di Milano, where she also completed her summer internship as an Intro Intern. These efforts aimed to provide industrial knowledge and contribute to the personal development of our university student colleagues, resulting in a mutually enjoyable collaboration for both parties.

On the other hand, Berşe Deveci, one of the mentees from the first term of the project, has started working as a Purchasing Assistant Specialist in our company.

We would like to thank all the Organik Kimya employees who volunteered and supported this project, which we experienced as a mutually learning and development experience, for their efforts and hard work, even in the first year.

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