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In our learning and development activities, where we have adopted the blended-learning model, in addition to Linkedin Learning and Enocta online content, we have also started face-to-face classroom trainings with our "Be Bold" competency, one of our fundamental competencies that we renewed in collaboration with Korn Ferry last year.

Hakan Ertufan, whom we organized the training named "Personality of Success" before the pandemic, was with us again this time with his highly acclaimed and attention-grabbing training named "Leave the Cocoon." The training, which was held on three different dates for different groups, received a great deal of demand. The 2-day training, which covers the difference between being brave and courage, the importance of timing, our personality traits from childhood to even infancy, has been evaluated as a big step towards self-discovery. Inner Power and Identity of Success are also organized for this year! Everyone is pretty excited.

Hakan Ertufan has been graduated from the Psychology Department of Boğaziçi University in 1993. He received his Teacher Training Certificate from Istanbul University Faculty of Literature in 1996. He started his master's degree in Educational Psychology at Marmara University Social Sciences Institute and in Psycho-Social Oncology at Istanbul University Health Sciences Institute simultaneously in 1997. He completed his master’s degree at Istanbul University in 2000 with his thesis on death anxiety. He received his Clinical Psychology Doctorate with his thesis on death anxiety from Ege University Social Sciences Institute in 2008.

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