About Us

Presently, we are offering solutions across diverse markets and applications by employing various technologies, all aimed at contributing to a brighter future for humanity.

Our manufacturing and service locations enable us to serve our customers all around the world. We have been employing the power of science and customer intimacy since our humble beginnings and we started our polymer emulsions production in 1965 with this notion.

Our Capacity

We relentlessly work to attain our vision by employing our integrated business, our total production capacity 288.000 Tpa.

  • Total Production Capacity
    All time 288.000tpa
    Total Production Capacity

    With our perpetual ambition to grow our business, we increased our production capacity over 30 times in the past 30 years to reach 250,000 tpa.

  • Organik Redispersible Powders Capacity
    All time 45.000tpa
    Organik Redispersible Powders Capacity

    Organik Redispersible Powders, ORP®, was established in 2011 with a diverse range of products in powder form to address the needs of the construction chemicals industry. Our redispersible powder polymer plant with 45.000 metric tons of production capacity was built in Tuzla, Istanbul to fulfill this mission.

  • Hotmelt Production Capacity
    All time 5.000tpa
    Hotmelt Production Capacity

    Our Tuzla plant investment also includes hotmelt production with a capacity of 5.000 metric tons to serve the industrial adhesives market.

Our Values

We relentlessly work to attain our vision by employing our integrated business, innovation and sustainability strategies.

  • Trust

    Our business conduct is built upon trust. We trust ourselves, each other and our business partners and act in accordance.

  • Responsible Mindset

    We add value to our work, colleagues and customers by providing novel solutions within the frame of organisational and personal ethical and sustainable standarts. We ideate new products, services, approaches and ways of doing business that add value to our and customer’s business.

  • Inquisitiveness

    We curiously search for new solutions and approaches. «Why?» and «Why Not?» are the two key questions that fuel our inquisitiveness and help us to provide solutions for the most challenging problems.

  • Pioneership

    Our DNA embodies courage, determination and leadership enabling us to make a difference in the industry. With our entrepreneural spirit, our pioneership demonstrates itself with new investments, technologies and innovative solutions.

  • Winning is Fun

    Success and performance is everything, but nothing without fun. We believe in being together, celebrating our success and enjoy life together.

You can reach our corporate social addresses, here.
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