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Quality Standards

Quality is Our Standard; Not Our Specialty
We, as Organik Kimya, are mindful of the fact that product quality and quality consistency are of utmost importance to our customers. Keeping customer satisfaction as our number one priority, we strive to serve them with high quality products consistently.
Customer Focused Approach
Our goal is to serve our customers with superior solutions. Keeping our customers as our top priority, we establish close working relationships with them to ensure that we understand and adhere to their expectations in a fast and reliable way.
Corporate Quality Management Systems
We have established structures, processes, work flows and measurement systems to safeguard our total quality management system.
We assure continuous improvement in our products and services by targeting maximum efficiency and minimizing waste and scraps.
Responsible Care®
We have been a part of the Responsible Care® Program of the American Chemistry Council since 1994. We perform all of our operations in a systematic manner with our commitment to Responsible Care®.

Markets & Applications

We have been employing the power of science and technology to provide value added solutions to our partners since 1924. Our customers enjoy valuable solutions for a variety of applications in 6 different business units.